Modern Batman Boys’ Bedroom Update

Everson and Adler have been sharing a bedroom for quite awhile now. In our old house, we started having them share a bedroom so that we could make our 3rd bedroom into a guest bedroom/office. Now that we are in our new house and have 4 bedrooms, the boys technically could have their own rooms.… Continue reading Modern Batman Boys’ Bedroom Update


The Surprises of Motherhood: Part 2

This week I am continuing the "Surprises of Motherhood" blog series and I'm SO excited to introduce you guys to a blogger-friend of mine, Cyndi Beer. I met Cyndi through Instagram actually and she's become one of my favorite mamas to follow along on the 'gram. Cydni cares deeply about her faith, her family and… Continue reading The Surprises of Motherhood: Part 2


The Surprises of Motherhood: Part 1

Today, I'm kicking off a series on the topic of "The Surprises of Motherhood." I've lined up some amazing guest writers who will be sharing on this topic over the next few weeks, starting today with Anna Trivits, a dear friend from my childhood. Anna somehow found time to graciously gift us with a blog… Continue reading The Surprises of Motherhood: Part 1


Motherhood: Expectations Vs Reality

Motherhood has been much harder than I ever expected it to be. Truth be told, I had a very flowery idea of parenting before I actually became a mom. I had done a lot of babysitting before having kids of my own and I always loved being around kids. Somehow I thought that meant I… Continue reading Motherhood: Expectations Vs Reality


PLOT TWIST…to Alger Heights we go!

Do you ever think one thing is going to happen and then it totally doesn't? That's basically how this whole house shopping experience has gone for us. It's been a little bit crazy and our realtor, Andrea Davis, is a rock star for sticking with us through not one, not two, but three house contracts,… Continue reading PLOT TWIST…to Alger Heights we go!

Things I Love

Parent + In-Law Holiday Gift Guide

Do you realize Christmas is less than two months away? I still feel like the calendar just read July, but somehow we are almost a week into November. It looks like it's time to start making that old handy dandy Christmas shopping list... My parents/in-laws are some of the hardest people for me to shop… Continue reading Parent + In-Law Holiday Gift Guide


What You Should Know Before Having Your Second Child

Have you ever wondered how could you possibly love another baby as much as you love your first child? After college I babysat two adorable, creative, precocious little girls who were about two years apart. I remember their mom mentioning that before having her second she worried if she could ever love another baby as… Continue reading What You Should Know Before Having Your Second Child


Menu Plan: Oct 22-28

OMG, y'all. I have a really tasty dinner menu plan to share with you this week! You ready for some meal planning inspiration? Let's dive right in! Sunday: We are going out for pizza tonight to celebrate my nephew and Adler's birthdays! (Does every family have a copious amount of October birthdays or is it just… Continue reading Menu Plan: Oct 22-28


The Tale of Two Houses

I have some exciting news to share with you guys! As of 3:24pm today...we are officially under contract (!!) to buy a beautiful, renovated home in Eastown aaaand we are under contract to sell our home here in Ottawa Hills. If you aren't from Grand Rapids, these are two southeast Grand Rapids neighborhoods that are super… Continue reading The Tale of Two Houses

Things I Love

Ponchos & Wraps from Target for Under $40

Fall Style Alert: Ponchos & Wraps from Target, all for under $40! Have you jumped on the poncho train yet? I got my first poncho two winters ago when Adler was still a newborn baby. I loved how "forgiving" the poncho was to my postpartum midsection. Not much has changed in terms of my "postpartum-sized"… Continue reading Ponchos & Wraps from Target for Under $40