Sometimes Marriage is Hard: Part I

Sometimes Marriage is Hard: Part I Before we had kids, my husband and I went to bed all snuggled up each and every night. I liked rolling in toward him and being embraced by his big, strong arms. It was a warm, comforting way to fall asleep at night. Goodness, I know! So sappy. Those… Continue reading Sometimes Marriage is Hard: Part I


The Surprises of Motherhood: Part 3

For the third installment of my "Surprises of Motherhood" series, I asked my close friend and small group leader, April Knapp, to share with us what has surprised her about motherhood. April is a homeschooling mama to three kids with her fourth baby on the way. She is one of the most industrious, handy, and… Continue reading The Surprises of Motherhood: Part 3


Motherhood: Expectations Vs Reality

Motherhood has been much harder than I ever expected it to be. Truth be told, I had a very flowery idea of parenting before I actually became a mom. I had done a lot of babysitting before having kids of my own and I always loved being around kids. Somehow I thought that meant I… Continue reading Motherhood: Expectations Vs Reality


What You Should Know Before Having Your Second Child

Have you ever wondered how could you possibly love another baby as much as you love your first child? After college I babysat two adorable, creative, precocious little girls who were about two years apart. I remember their mom mentioning that before having her second she worried if she could ever love another baby as… Continue reading What You Should Know Before Having Your Second Child


FREE Fall Family Bucket List

Autumn is here and I'm over the moon! It's my absolute favorite time of year. The apple cider, cinnamon sugar donuts, crimson leaves, hay rides, cozy sweaters and caramel apples...what's not to love about fall? I suppose it would be nice if fall stuck around longer, but that's where the Fall Family Bucket List comes… Continue reading FREE Fall Family Bucket List