7 Affordable Date Night Ideas

7 Affordable Date Night Ideas to Help You Make Date Night a Priority This blog post was first published by Michigan First Credit Union. I was honored that they asked me to write a guest blog post sharing affordable date night ideas. “A successful marriage is not something that just magically happened. It’s something that… Continue reading 7 Affordable Date Night Ideas


The D-Word, Shame and Restoration

Before diving into this last post in my "Sometimes Marriage is Hard" series. I want to let you know, my dear readers and friends, that this post was hard to write. It's real and vulnerable. It's opening up a dark, hard place we've been to and come out of by the grace of God.  Nick… Continue reading The D-Word, Shame and Restoration


Sometimes Marriage is Hard: Part II

Since writing my first marriage post a few weeks ago, I’ve been struggling with some serious writer’s block. Every time I’ve sat down to write this post, I’ve found about 432 other things to do on my computer, instead of writing more about our marriage story. I think maybe there’s more going on than just writer’s… Continue reading Sometimes Marriage is Hard: Part II


Sometimes Marriage is Hard: Part I

Sometimes Marriage is Hard: Part I Before we had kids, my husband and I went to bed all snuggled up each and every night. I liked rolling in toward him and being embraced by his big, strong arms. It was a warm, comforting way to fall asleep at night. Goodness, I know! So sappy. Those… Continue reading Sometimes Marriage is Hard: Part I


The Surprises of Motherhood: Part 4

For the final installment in my "Surprises of Motherhood" series, I asked a fellow #boymom Eleanor Rooke to share what has been the biggest surprise for her in motherhood. I met Eleanor while we were undergrad students at Wheaton College and I wish I would have gotten to know this gem of a person better… Continue reading The Surprises of Motherhood: Part 4