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Hey there, friend!

My name is Peg Theobald and I formed The Honest Mom community in May 2017. I was bothered by how artificial and isolating much of social media feels. This thing that is supposed to connect us often leaves us feeling lonely and less than enough.

I thought I could use my love for storytelling and genuine connection and put it to good use, so I carved out this little corner of the world wide web. In this space, my goal is to show up with brave vulnerability. We all struggle and have crappy days, sometimes crappy years. I’ve lived through some dark hours and have also experienced the joy and freedom that comes through healing and recovery.

You can expect me to share #realtalk about marriage, faith and parenting on here, but don’t be surprised to see lighthearted posts about some of my other favorite topics: home decor, fun things to do in Grand Rapids, travel and more.

Wherever you are at today while reading this, I want you to know that I am cheering you on toward your best life. I am here to encourage you to embrace your worth, ditch perfection and reject the shame you feel from all the crap you have gone through. You are wonderful and imperfectly perfect just as you are.

We can do hard things,

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One thought on “Get to Know The Honest Mom

  1. Love your realness Peg, your authenticity. In a world of filters and fakers, I love knowing someone who is equally as vulnerable and honest about life. Keep up the amazing posts! xx

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