Blogging Tips

Blogging Tips for New or Wannabe Bloggers

Are you new to the world of blogging?

I frequently receive messages and emails asking for blogging tips and insights from newbie or aspiring bloggers. While I do not have the capacity to offer individual blog coaching services, I wanted to create this page with my best tips, tricks and insights.

Follow these Bloggers

  1. Melyssa Griffin is a blogging guru. Definitely check out her website for helpful, practical tips. She offers a FREE (and helpful) guide to creating a blog business plan. You can download it here.
  2. Amy Porterfield is a savvy business woman and I consider her to be one of the OGs of online marketing. I enjoy her podcast (she has great business, marketing smarts but comes off as so humble and kind!). I plan to purchase one of her courses in the future. Stay tuned to hear about my experience.
  3. Julie Solomon is your go-to resource if you are want to monetize your blog as an influencer. She offers a (paid) course called Pitch It Perfect that I highly recommend. Her course boosted my confidence and pitching skills and I went from making $0 with my online platforms to booking 4-figure brand deals. You can learn more about Pitch It Perfect to see if it’s right for you. (*Disclosure: This is an affiliate link. Clicking on this link affects you in no way. If you purchase the course, I would receive a small percentage. Let me know if you do, so I can thank you!)
  4. Jenna Kutcher is your go-to gal for Instagram tips and her Goal Digger podcast is a must-listen-to podcast for all small business owners in the online space.

Legal Help

  1. Online Legal Help: Bobby Klinck is a lawyer and the founder of Your Online Genius. Check out his blog for all kinds of legal advice and support to keep your blog protected.
  2. Copyright: Obtain copyright protection for your website through
  3. Privacy Policy: go to this website for free help creating a privacy policy for your website.

More tips coming soon…!