Meet Peg


Meet Peg, The Honest Mom

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Hey, I’m Peg Theobald and I’m the self-proclaimed “honest mom.”

I’m a wife, mama, writer, dreamer, adventurer, and Grand Rapids, Michigan enthusiast. I work from home, part-time as the General Manager for Grand Rapids Kids and in my spare time you can find me going on dates with Nick, eating spicy tacos, reading to Everson and Adler, spending time with friends, watching too much TV, and adventuring with my little family in our 1972 camper.

My motherhood journey has been filled with road bumps that started during my first pregnancy. I was a young mom at 25 years old and I had almost no “mom friends” at first. I quickly learned how important it is to band together with other women because being a mom can be exhausting and downright lonely.

That’s one BIG reason I love social media and connecting over the internet. While there can certainly be a negative side to social media, it’s also a great way for moms to connect even when we might be stuck at home with napping babies, up late at night nursing, cooking dinner, or busy juggling #momlife and a career…

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It may sound cheesy, but I’m a BIG fan of vulnerability and authenticity. I’m pretty certain everyone else is struggling their way through life just as much as I am… So why not take the veil off the taboo subjects like marriage struggles, kids’ behavioral problems, mental health, etc.? When we talk about things openly it takes them out of the darkness and into the light, which chips away at the idea that any of us have it “all together.”

So what can you expect to read from The Honest Mom blog?

You will find me sharing openly about my marriage, parenting my two boys, and how I’ve dealt with perinatal and postpartum depression. You will also find me writing about travel, my faith, recipes and different things that inspire me along the way.

Thank you for stopping by!

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