Preparing for a Mommy Makeover

There are a lot of things to consider when deciding to get a “mommy makeover”. This post is not about determining what surgeon to go to or what procedures to get done. Instead, I wanted to share all the items I have found extremely helpful and necessary to purchase before surgery to aid in your recovery.

I didn’t know what kind of response I would receive when I decided to share openly about my surgery on Instagram (see the post here). Thankfully everyone has been super supportive and sooo many women have reached out with questions as they consider plastic surgery for themselves.

My “mommy makeover” included a tummy tuck, lipo, and a breast lift/augmentation. I was told for recovery I would want a recliner chair to sit and sleep in. I was also told that I would need someone to help me 24/7 for the first few days while on more pain meds, but I have heard that someone could get back to an office job within a week to 2 weeks. Yesterday, the first full day after surgery, I was at home and actually did some work on my laptop and made some phone calls that were time sensitive, without too much hassle.

So aside from needing a recliner, here are other items I got before surgery that have been super helpful (and I’ll share a few things I plan to return that I have not used).

Mommy Makeover Recovery Checklist

  1. Water bottle with stretchy straw (mobility will be very limited so that straw is clutch).
  2. Protein shakes. You may not want to eat much but you’ll definitely need protein. These ones have worked well for me.
  3. A cane. I found this one on Amazon for $15. The nurse told me I wouldn’t need one, but it has proven helpful for walking when my pain has been higher. Also, we’ve used the cane as a makeshift bar for me to pull up on with Nick’s help to get out of the recliner.
  4. Compression socks to avoid blood clots and grippy socks to avoid slipping while walking.
  5. Chapstick, baby wipes, dry shampoo (toiletries you’ll want handy)
  6. Arnicare for pain, swelling and bruising relief. It’s homeopathic but does not interact with drugs, and my surgeon’s office approved me to take this.
  7. Lots of books and a TV nearby to binge on Netflix.
  8. Stool softener – just trust me and take this after surgery.
  9. Ice packs – my tailbone has been killing me with all this sitting; I’ve also enjoyed putting ice packs on my chest and stomach.
  10. Cozy pajamas that button up in the front. These ones are my ABSOLUTE favorite and have been super comfortable post surgery. I’d recommend getting two to three pairs-wear one to your surgery and then you’ll be living in them for the next week or so.
  11. Soft blankets and a neck rest.
  12. I’ve also been downing several packets of Ningxia Red each day, a juice drink that’s packed with vitamins and antioxidants from Young Living.
  13. A laptop desk you can use from the bed or chair.
  14. Raised toilet seat (check to find one that works with your particular toilet). This has been extremely helpful for bathroom visits.

Two things I bought and plan to return / haven’t used are a wedge pillow set (hasn’t been necessary with using regular pillows in our recliner) and a mesh bag to hold the drain (my surgeon gave me a fanny pack to hold the drain in).

11/10/21 EDIT: I decided to keep the wedge pillow set, and while it is pricey, it is definitely worth it. Was essential for getting me to be able to sleep in my bed for the first time last night (6th night since surgery). Linked HERE.

I hope this was helpful! If you have had a mommy makeover, am I missing anything you would recommend? Also, feel free to drop any other questions in the comments below!

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