fall sweater

The $25 Fall Sweater You Actually Need

I’m not one to often tell you that you need to buy a piece of clothing, but this $25 sweater is worth sharing.

(Bathroom selfie because working a FT job means very little time for blog photos)

The $25 Fall Sweater You Need

I found the coziest sweater at Old Navy this weekend. I sized up to make it extra comfy and to get that “oversized” sweater look.

Last fall it seemed like all you could find were short, cropped sweaters at every store. WHO WANTS TO WEAR A SHORT SWEATER IN THE FALL? I was confused and disappointed with fall 2018’s sweater selection, so I’m glad to see that retailers got some sense back into them.

Normal length sweaters are back in action (#praisebe) and I can’t recommend this one from Old Navy enough. Also, it’s on sale for $25 right now, so snag it up! If you get it, let me know what you think.

{Sweater Link}

(PS This is not sponsored or an affiliate link. Just happy to share a good find!)


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