All About the Easiest, Best Birthday Party We’ve Ever Thrown

Looking to plan a low-stress, easy, and super fun birthday party for your child? Here’s how we accomplished that for Adler’s 3rd birthday!

All About the Easiest, Best Birthday Party We’ve Ever Thrown

Adler turned three last week and I’m still not sure how exactly that is possible. My sweet, contented little baby boy with the most precious chubby cheeks and luscious, long lashes has gone from this… 

To suddenly becoming this feisty, curious, brave boy who is constantly exploring the world around him and learning new things everyday…

Photo by Amy Paulson Photography

We don’t plan to do a “big” birthday party each and every year for our boys, but we did throw our oldest son, Everson, a big 3rd birthday party, so we wanted to do the same for Adler.

Life has been so busy lately. (Maybe that’s not even worth mentioning, it always seems to be that way, doesn’t it?) So Nick and I were brainstorming how to plan an easy, stress-free birthday party that would still be really fun for the kids. 

That’s when I remembered Altitude Trampoline Park offers birthday party packages for kids!

I hopped on their website and found you can choose between a 10 jumper or 20 jumper party pass and you have the option of purchasing pizza for your party. The pricing is cheaper on weekdays and starts at $149.95. We opted for the 20 jumper party with pizza and because we had a lot of adults join us for our party, we added on a couple extra pizzas. We ended up having LOTS of pizza leftover, so we probably didn’t need to order the extras, but Nick didn’t mind bringing extra pizza home!

I love that Altitude Trampoline GR is owned by a local family and they are all about investing back into the community. They even get the pizzas from Palermo’s, a local pizzeria (AWESOME pizza, by the way) because they want to support the local community. Tye and Jen, the owners, are parents themselves and you can see how much that impacts the way they run Altitude GR to be so very kid-friendly!

How was our experience hosting a birthday party at Altitude Trampoline Park? 

I cannot help, but spread the word about how wonderful it was to plan a birthday party at Altitude Trampoline Park. The party prep was soooo minimal. All we did was:  book the party online, make a phone call to Altitude to confirm our pizza order, and then the day of we brought one bin with us to bring in the cake, two tablecloths from Dollar Tree, candles and little favor bags for the guests.

Everything else was provided by Altitude Trampoline Park:

  1. Balloons and a cute little sign
  2. Paper plates & napkins
  3. (4) 16″ pizzas
  4. Water bottles
  5. Passes for 20 jumpers
  6. Altitude grippy socks for all the jumpers
  7. And…the birthday child’s parents get to jump for free, too!

We arrived early to Altitude to set up, which basically just meant putting the table cloths on the tables reserved for us. Nick had never been to Altitude GR before and he was impressed by how nice the facility is!

We both really appreciate the open-floor concept of the facility–it is SO much easier to keep an eye on multiple kids at Altitude versus other trampoline parks we’ve been to. We also LOVE how friendly the staff is and how clean they keep their trampoline park.

Christian, the manager at Altitude, was our party attendant and made things SO easy for us! He brought over our pizza and served it to our group (with plastic gloves on his hands…making my germaphobe heart so happy. Ha!).

He also checked on us throughout the party, brought giant jenga out for our group to play with and made announcements on the intercom when I needed the whole group to know it was time for dessert or presents. Thank you, Christian!

All of the kids, including the birthday boy, had a blast! At times, though, I couldn’t tell if the dads were having more fun than the kids doing jumps and flips, playing dodgeball and doing the battle beam…

The night after the party, as we were about to go to bed for the night, Nick and I had a conversation that went like this: 

Me: “Wow, that party went so well. I loved seeing Adler have so much fun! But, did you ever feel like you were missing something because it was just sooooo easy and stress-free?”

Nick: “Ya! It was crazy how easy it was to host that party versus other parties we’ve done.”

Me: “Do you remember Everson’s big 3rd birthday party? There was a night and day difference between the stress level of that party and Adler’s party at Altitude!”

Nick: “Whoa. You’re right. It’s crazy how much less stressful Adlers’ party was.” 

Book a birthday party at Altitude GR and save $20 when you mention this blog!

The owners of Altitude Trampoline Park, Tye and Jen, want to offer anyone who mentions this blog post $20 off their birthday party package! Or, if you would like extra pizza, you can opt instead to get two free pizzas added to your party package.

WOO HOO! Save Some Cash & Plan The Easiest, Most Fun Kid Party!

I hope some of you smart parents take advantage of this awesome offer! Go here for more info on how to book your party package!

If you are not looking to book a birthday party anytime soon, a trip to Altitude Trampoline Park should still be in order for any family in West Michigan…

Altitude Trampoline Park has tons of fun events and specials ongoing throughout each week, like Toddler Time Monday-Fridays from 10am-1pm, after school specials, family packs and Friday Night Friendzy and GR Night! You can go HERE to check out all the special offers Altitude GR has! They even offer fundraisers, so check them out if your school or youth group is looking for a unique fundraiser idea.

Here’s a few more photos from the party! Can you tell how much fun it was for everyone?

*This post was sponsored by Altitude Trampoline Park in Grand Rapids, MI. Before ever working with Altitude in a sponsored capacity, I was already a happy, repeat customer of theirs. All opinions are my own. 


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