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Why I Chose Young Living

In today’s post I’m sharing why I hopped on the Young Living train and answering the questions I’ve been getting about how you can get started…


Here’s a little story for you…

Several years ago, I was introduced to essential oils. I saw the powerful impact these oils had on my health, but I was surrounded by a lot of skepticism about EOs and eventually I stopped using them except on rare occasions.

I recently decided to start reducing the toxic load in our home and our bodies. I also wanted to go into this new school year armed with essential oils and supplements to support our immune systems and overall wellness.

Several years ago I was more of a people-pleaser. I was less confident in what I believed and I looked for validation from others a lot more than I do now. I decided to not worry about the fact that some people will call essential oils “snake oils” or think I’m crazy for using them. Honestly, I know they are powerful and effective, so why should I care what someone else thinks about this?

I spent A LOT of time researching the various companies that sell essential oils. After doing thorough research, I came to the conclusion that Young Living makes the highest quality essential oils out there. Many of the EO companies are basically just private labeling their essential oils. Young Living is the only company that has its own corporate farms and welcomes you to visit their farms. But more than that, Young Living adheres to a rigorous Seed to Seal program, which demonstrates their extreme commitment to the quality and purity of their oils.

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Not all essential oils are made equally and the brand you choose matters. You can do your own research and maybe you’ll come to a different conclusion…or maybe not. Just keep in mind as you look into oils that there is no regulation in terms of essential oils, so any company can label their products as “100% pure” or “therapeutic” and get away with it.

I fully trust Young Living’s oils are actually 100% pure–they not only test them rigorously in-house, but they also use third-party audits for quality control. YL does not add synthetics, cheap fillers or contaminants to their products. Don’t take my word for it–do a google search to find third-party laboratory testing that has been done to test the purity of Young Living’s oils. Spoiler alert:  YL oils pass alllll the tests.

How to Get Started:

If you are thinking about trying essential oils or looking to switch and ditch all the toxic cleaning and personal care items in your home, then I would love to help you out. You can buy items from Young Living as a retail (regular) customer or you can become a member and get wholesale pricing.

How do I become a member?

The way I got started was with a Premium Starter Kit and that’s what I would recommend to anyone interested in trying essential oils.


The starter kit purchase includes your wholesale membership to Young Living (like a Costco membership except it lasts forever). Wholesale members get 24% off all products, indefinitely. This is a huge benefit when you want to slowly change your lifestyle and the products you are using. You can dip your toes in and begin trying the oils and products out without making a huge commitment.

The Premium Starter Kit comes with:

  • a pretty diffuser
  • 11 widely-used essential oils
  • sample packets of an amazing antioxidant drink
  • sample packet of thieves household cleaner
  • tiny glass sample bottles
  • literature/info
  • a spot on my team (which simply means lots of support to get the most out of your products and oils)

Ready to take charge of your wellness and get oiling? Grab your starter kit HERE.

And, in the meantime, please don’t hesitate to ask me any questions! I love chatting about Young Living and the personal health journey I have been on. (Also, you can check out this live video for some additional info.) Cheers to healthier families!


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Read this before you become a young living wholesale customer (2)


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