Peg’s Good Things (August Edition)

Peg’s (August) Good Things:

August is nearly over, so I thought it would be a good time to share my August edition of “Peg’s Good Things.” This month has been full of good things, including: Everson starting kindergarten, my first-ever published magazine article and making our foster care announcement.

But, those more important matters are not what this series is really about. This is the place where I’m sharing a rundown of my favorite things from the past month–podcasts, books, songs, products, eats, etc. Whatever particularly struck my fancy in August will be listed below! I hope you enjoy this round-up.

August Good Things:

Good Thing #1 – Movies at UICA

Nick and I recently discovered the UICA (Urban Institute for Contemporary Arts) Movie Theater and we are now hooked! This theater is Grand Rapid’s only first-run, independent movie theater and tickets are only $8 for the public ($4 fro UICA members). Also, the concessions are not insanely overpriced and they feature some drink options beyond the typical movie theater fare like beer, wine and kombucha. We saw a crazy good documentary there earlier this month called Three Identical Strangers

*photo via UICA

Good Thing #2 – Community with “Mompreneurs”

Earlier this month, I invited a group of women to meet up at a coffee shop to simply hang out and build community with other working women (mostly mamas who are running a full-time business or side hustle from home). It was a really wonderful night connecting with women and making new friends!

Our first meet-up went so well, I decided to create a “Grand Rapids Mompreneurs” group to coordinate more events. If you are local to this area, please feel free to find this group on Facebook and join us! (No–you do not have to be a mom or an “entrepreneur” but the majority of this group fits in the “Mompreneur” category, hence the name.)

Good Thing #3 – Podcasts:

I’m a hardcore podcast junkie, so this will be a constant category in my monthly “Good Things” posts. Here are some noteworthy episodes from this past month:

Building a Story Brand with Donald Miller

Up & Vanished (season 2)

  • GUYS! I just discovered that Up & Vanished has a 2nd season starting now! If you are into investigative journalism, then this show is for you.

The Purpose Show

Brains On! Science podcast for kids

Good Thing #4 – Coffee Shop

Grand Rapids has been booming with development for many years now and the coffee scene just keeps getting better and better. I only first went to Squibb Coffee & Wine Bar a few months ago, but it has quickly moved high on my list of “fav” local coffee shops. The seating is comfortable, the environment is always clean and the drink and food offerings are all excellent. Also, they have outlets all over the place, making it easy to plug in and work from pretty much anywhere you set. (Please take note coffee shop owners–this should be a MUST when planning out a coffee/cafe space.)

*photo via Rising Grinds Cafe

I also recently discovered Rising Grinds Cafe and I am a big fan! According to their website, Rising Grinds opened in 2014 “as a coffee training center for young adults as part of the Grand Rapids Center for Community Transformation.” They serve espresso drinks, drip coffee and a variety uyhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhof breakfast and lunch menu items.

Good Thing #6 – Young Living!

I have been using essential oils for several years now, but as I’ve continued down a healthier living path this year, my resolve to make healthier choices for my body and our home has only grown. I love the exceptional quality of Young Living’s oils, the Thieves cleaning line and supplements. I have yet to try the Young Living makeup or body care products, but that is the next step for me!

So it made sense for me to become a Young Living distributor and I’d love to share their wellness products with you! Essential oils can be used in a variety of ways and I’d be happy to share more about the benefits if you have any questions! Here’s a picture below of what I’ve been using to keep myself healthy right now.

Pictured: NingXia red and Thieves vitality blend. I’m taking Thieves with coconut oil in a capsule. The Young Living vitality EOs are FDA approved for internal consumption. Thieves helps support the immune system, so it is one of our favorites.

Good Thing #7 – Current Reads/Audio Books:

Last but not least, the best book I “consumed” this past month was An American Marriage. I listened to it (for free!) on the Hoopla app. Other books I read this month are added to the list below:

2018 Book List:

  • An American Marriage by Tayari Jones (good fiction read)
  • On Mystic River by Kristin Hannah (barely finished this)
  • The Power by Naomi Alderman (recommend if you like dystopian sci-fi/fiction)
  • Girl, Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis (recommend for all women)
  • Still Waiting by Ann Swindell (recommend)
  • Girl on a Train by A.J. Waines (didn’t love this-fiction)
  • Of Mess and Moxie by Jen Hatmaker (recommend for all women)
  • Gentle Discipline by Sarah Ockwell-Smith (recommend if you’re interested in a “positive discipline” approach)

Currently reading…

There you have it–the August edition of my Good Things. Leave me a comment if you try any of my “good things”! I always love hearing from you.

Cheering you on,





Photo credit: Header image via Aly May Photo

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