Read This if You Want to Know How My Life Got 10x Easier

Want to Know HOw My Life Got 10x Easier? Keep Reading!

Even before having kids, I never really liked grocery shopping, but I especially disliked grocery shopping once my boys were in the picture. I know this is definitely a #firstworldproblem, but bear with me…

We are pretty serious about budgeting at casa de Theobald and, as such, we’ve been longtime Aldi shoppers. The Aldi prices are hard to beat, so I trained myself to remember my reusable grocery bags and the quarter for the grocery cart (most of the time). However, with all the buzz about Meijer’s Curbside grocery pick-up and grocery home delivery from Shipt, I started thinking those conveniences would be pretty darn nice to have.

That’s when I heard about Walmart Grocery (Walmart’s version of “curbside” grocery pick-up). Unlike Meijer Curbside, there is no fee for this service! The online prices are no different than the in-store prices (like they are with Shipt) and you are not allowed or expected to tip the employee that brings out your groceries. The only requirement for ordering online is that your purchase is a $35 minimum.

I am not sharing this #lifehack for any reason other than the fact that I love to share a good thing! I see so many mamas posting about their grocery store woes–tantrums, whining kids, nap-time disruptions, etc. With Walmart Grocery, you can meal plan from home (no more worries about leaving your grocery list at home) and order your groceries while in your PJs. You can schedule the pick-up time to conveniently fit into your life and the grocery prices and food items have been awesome.

Boy, would I have loved to have #WalmartGrocery as a first-time mom!

If this is sounding good to you, I encourage you to give it a try. I’ve been spreading the word about Walmart Grocery (it would be fair to call me a Walmart Grocery evangelist) and everyone I know that has tried it has LOVED it. You can use this link, to get $10 off your first order (minimum $50 purchase). Full disclosure: if you use that link, then you’ll bless my family with a $10 promo code as well! This would make my budget-conscious husband very happy! 

Walmart Grocery would be a great option for anyone, but I think it is especially helpful for parents with young kids, for elderly people or for anyone who has physical challenges that make grocery shopping difficult.

I’ve been getting quite a few questions about Walmart Grocery, so keep reading if you want some answers to commonly asked questions.

Walmart Grocery FAQ:

  1. Is the website easy to order from? Yes! The website is very easy to navigate. Much easier than Meijer Curbside’s was for me.
  2. How does the pick-up actually work? You schedule a time to pick up your order (10-11 am, for example) and then they will email you once the order is ready. I’ve almost always been notified that my order is ready right at the start of the one-hour time frame. Once at Walmart, you follow the signs directing you to the grocery pick-up area. You will park and see a sign with a phone number to call to let them know you are ready for your groceries. SO darn easy!
  3. What is the quality of the produce? I’ve had zero issues with the produce we’ve ordered so far. I tend to buy organic produce about half the time (especially on the ‘dirty dozen‘ produce items). I honestly have not noticed any difference with the produce quality since switching from Aldi to Walmart.

    Here is this week’s produce soaking in a vinegar wash before getting prepped & stored for the week.
  4. What if you don’t like something you ordered or you don’t like how the produce looks? You are able to refuse grocery items and you won’t be charged for them, so you can definitely look your produce, eggs, etc. over. Also, the employee will tell you about any possible substitutions that were made. You are able to turn those down if you don’t want the substituted item. However, I’ve found they often give you a better substitution for the same price (e.g. organic produce when you ordered regular produce).
  5. How long do you have to wait for your groceries to be brought out? The wait time has usually been around 3-5 minutes. Again, this grocery pick-up service has made my life SO MUCH easier! I did hear from a friend who has been ordering groceries from here for a long time now that she used to have to wait a longer time, but that has not been my experience so far.
  6. How do the grocery prices compare to other grocery stores? My husband is the master of our budget and he has been THRILLED with the switch to Walmart Grocery. He said we only spend a few more dollars each week compared to when we shopped at Aldi, which is amazing considering how much time we save!
  7. What if I can’t pick up my order during the scheduled time frame? That’s not a problem. They keep the food cold (I’m not sure for how long before they would re-stock your order), but once I picked my order up super late (like four hours after the scheduled time) and it was totally fine.
  8. Can I add items once I’ve already scheduled my order? Yes, you can if you act quickly. You are given a short window of time where you can edit your order (remove items, add items, etc.) after ordering. I think it’s a 10 or 15 minute time frame. I can’t even tell you how often this has helped me! I always seem to remember one more thing after I initially finish the order!

Another neat thing about Walmart Grocery, is they often give you a reusable grocery bag gift with goodies and samples to try out. We’ve received snack items for our kids, beverages and coupons in these bags; they are always a fun bonus!

Don’t forget, if you want to try Walmart Grocery out for yourself, then use this link to save yourself $10 on your first order. And be sure to let me know how the experience is for you!




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