RECIPE: Loaded Cabbage Slaw

low carb high protein slaw

Low-Carb, High-Protein Dinner Idea – Loaded Cabbage Slaw

If you follow my Instagram “stories,” then you probably haven’t missed the fact that I am doing a low carb/low calorie weight loss program called Optavia. I’ll share more about my health journey in another blog post soon, but for now I want to give you a super easy and delicious recipe that I “invented” the other night…

With OptaVia, you eat five meal replacements and one “lean & green” meal each day. The lean & green meal includes healthy fats, lean protein and low-carbohydrate vegetables.  I’ve been enjoying getting creative with my “lean and green” meals. When I first started this diet, I only thought of using zoodles (zucchini noodles) or cauliflower rice as a base. This weekend, it dawned on me that I could use cabbage or broccoli slaw as another carb(ish) alternative.

Nick made Korean beef bulgogi and rice on Saturday. I enjoyed the beef bulgogi on top of an Asian style coleslaw, in place of the rice. My “lean and green” meal was delicious and it got me thinking what else I could make with slaw…

Then, the next day, with a leftover bag of cabbage slaw, I decided to make a “loaded” coleslaw for dinner with lean ground turkey and a healthy dose of Tex-Mex flavors. It was DELICIOUS! (Side note: I used to make baked sweet potatoes topped with BBQ pulled pork and coleslaw for dinner A LOT. Now I’m thinking I need to make a new potato-less version sometime soon. Oh the glorious possibilities of slaw!)

low carb high protein keto loaded cabbage slaw

Check out the recipe below and give this a try. Let me know what you think!

Low-Carb, High-Protein, Loaded Cabbage Slaw


  • 1 bag of cabbage slaw
  • 1 lb. ground turkey
  • Dressing for the slaw
    • 3-4 T. olive oil
    • 2 T. lime juice
    • S & P to taste
  • Optional slaw add-ins: shredded carrots, diced bell peppers, green onions


  1. Mix the dressing together and pour it over the cabbage slaw and any other added diced veggies. Let the slaw marinate while you cook the ground turkey.
  2. Cook the ground turkey in a skillet over medium high heat with some oil. Season with taco seasoning or any spices you like. I used Flavor God’s Everything and Garlic Lover’s seasonings.
  3. Mix the ground turkey in with the coleslaw and top with avocado and your favorite hot sauce (I’m partial to Tapatio).

(#ProTips for awesome ground turkey: 1.) Use some water in addition to oil to cook your meat to save on calories and not dry out the meat. 2.) Cook the meat for a long time until it gets a nice, brown, crispy appearance. Follow these tips and I’m pretty sure you will love ground turkey as much as I do!)




2 thoughts on “RECIPE: Loaded Cabbage Slaw”

  1. I have a head of cabbage in my fridge. I’m going to have to try a variation on this. Definitely going to be adding some cilantro and radishes to this as well.


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