At Home with the Theobalds {a lifestyle photography session}


snap studio photo shoot cover (1)

At Home with the Theobalds: Lifestyle Photography Session with Snap Studio

When Deb from Snap Studio first reached out to me to see if we could collaborate, we were in the throws of moving into our new home. I looked at her Instagram feed and website and quickly knew that it would be not only fun to work with Deb, but she would also be able to capture amazing photos of my family. (Keep reading…Snap Studio can also capture your photos. There’s a special discount offer for you at the bottom of this post!)

We made a plan for a Saturday afternoon photo shoot in my home earlier this month. I figured (hoped) that by then we would be pretty settled into our house. I loved the idea of getting pictures taken that not only captured this moment in time with our boys, but also our life in our new home.



We decided on a laid back, casual lifestyle session versus taking more traditional photos. That style made sense for us. We are casual people and our home is all about cozy vibes. Plus, you all know my boys are crazy, so wrangling them into stiff, traditional pictures is pretty much not an option!

The boys had SO MUCH ENERGY (per the usual and were bouncing off the walls the entire time Deb was over. At one point, she asked the boys to run toward her while she snapped a picture. Everson (5) was old enough to know to stop before running into Deb, but Adler ran straight smack into her. It pretty much looked like he was trying to play tackle football. He’s only 2 years old, but we breed strong, stocky children. Deb said, “I can’t believe how strong he is!” Sorry again, Deb.

Although, it did make for a fun photo–don’t you think?


All that to say, Deb is a TROOOPER and a miracle worker. I’m still not exactly sure how she managed to get the photos she did with my boisterous little men, but I am very impressed!

We started with some photos in front of our big living room window and she snapped some seriously great pictures. I’m going to be working on a little gallery wall for our family room and some of these will definitely be finding their way in there.





Then, she got a few with the boys in my favorite chesterfield chair. We asked Everson to read to Adler and he was more than happy to do so (#bestillmyheart).

boys world market chair

everson world market chair

adler world market chair

After that, it was time to PLAY! We did puzzles with the boys and played with the kids’ musical instruments. I think the boys forgot we were even getting pictures taken during this time.





We then headed into our kitchen to bake some cookies. I love cooking and baking and it’s something I do with my boys quite often. Nick doesn’t usually bake with us, so I think the boys liked having their daddy help with the baking. The only thing missing was an apron for Nick (the boys and I usually wear our aprons while baking, so we donned them for the photos).

boys about to hug in kitchen

nick and boys in kitchen

in the kitchen

in the kitchen smiling

Deb also photographed some of our finished rooms, so I will be sharing those photos in before & after room reveals in future posts (eek!).

Wow, we had so many amazing photos from our Snap Studio shoot that it was hard to narrow down which ones I wanted to share with you! What pictures do you think I should print to frame? I think the one of the boys in their aprons might be one of my favs!

Now for the special offer! DRUM ROLL….

Snap Studio is offering a special discount offer for my blog followers!

snap studio coupon

Deb is giving YOU $50 OFF any full session booked before March 15, 2018. You can learn more about Snap Studio and their services here. Just mention The Honest Mom blog to get your $50 off. Make sure to tag me in your pictures, so I can see the amazing photos she captures for you!






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