A Birthday Letter to My Snowflake

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A Birthday Letter to My Snowflake

You know how people critique modern day parents because they obnoxiously think their kids are all special, unique “snowflakes?” They act like their child is God’s special gift to the world and it can be rather nauseating, don’t you think? And, honestly, how can every single child grow up to “change the world” someday? Newsflash–they won’t. It’s statistically improbable.

Are you nodding your head right now saying, “Yasss! Preach it.”?

If that’s you and you literally can’t stand hearing a parent gush on about their child, then this blog post is not going to be for you. Maybe you popped on here for a recipe or a travel post? Let me recommend this post or this one.


Still with me?

For those of you still here, my Everson is turning FIVE years old tomorrow and that means five years ago tonight I went into labor with my firstborn baby boy. I’m obviously feeling #allthefeels right now, so I decided to throw down some serious love on this page in the form of a letter to my boy.

“Be who God meant you to be and you will set the world on fire.” -Saint Catherine of Siena


Dear Everson,

I just held you in my lap and gave you about a zillion kisses before you went upstairs to go to bed tonight, your last night as a four-year-old. You got a haircut with Daddy this evening and you were so excited to show me your fresh, new look when you got home.

You’ve moved past the stage where you really wanted to marry me, although that was pretty adorable. Daddy finally convinced you about a year ago that he’s already married to me and there’s really no way I can marry you, too. While you’ve moved on from the marriage thing, you certainly haven’t stopped being an affectionate, adoring son.

(Just look at how sweet you are in these photos recently captured by Snap Studio?)

Honestly, bud, you are just incredibly sweet. Sure, you have your challenging moments (and the first two years of your life were extremely hard…like are we actually going to survive this kind of hard), but I am amazed by your transformation and growth.

You are kind and thoughtful. You are empathetic and troubled by others’ suffering. You have a hunger for knowledge and understanding and you are so energetic and full of life. You play hard, fight hard and love hard.

Everson, you have spent the past five years going full throttle speed through life. Sometimes it is hard to keep up (if only you could share some of your energy with me), but I will never stop trying because getting a front row seat to your life (and Adler’s) is the greatest privilege I’ve ever been given.

No matter what the naysayers say, I think are are an unbelievably spectacular kid.

(And I really think you might just set this world on fire.)




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