What It’s Like to Do a Family Mini-Session with Two Little “Rapscallions”

family photo headerTake an Inside Look at Our Mini-Session with Genevieve DeVries Photography!

We’ve taken to often referring to our boys as “rapscallions,” which is quite fitting since it basically means a wild, mischievous little rascal. If you know us personally or have been following along on here or Instagram, then you know our two boys–Everson (almost 5) and Adler (2)–are quite the little (loud) characters.

While attempting to bake Christmas cookies with them in early December, I ended up asking in exasperation as they grabbed at everything, ran around, bounced and tackled one another…“WHY CAN’T YOU JUST BE STILL?”

That was a dumb question I know. I quickly remembered that that is just not how they are wired… They are high-energy, physical, tactile kids and that is awesome. But, the words quiet, still and calm do not really describe either of my boys. I joke with Nick that we apparently have only one prototype in our gene pool because their personalities are so similar.

So needless to say, I was holding my breath about how the boys would do for our family mini-session with Genevieve this past fall. I was introduced to Genevieve’s amazing work through my friend Katie. Katie and Genevieve are sister-in-laws and I’ve seen some of the beautiful photos that Genevieve has taken of Katie and her sweet family. I could tell Genevieve had the magic touch for working with kids to capture incredible family photos.

Even though I had high confidence in Genevieve as a photographer, I was still nervous about how my boys would do for the mini-session.

We met up with Genevieve on a Sunday afternoon in the beautiful Provin Trails Park, located in Northeast Grand Rapids. Genevieve was so warm and friendly–she made all of us feel comfortable right away. But what I LOVED MOST about working with Genevieve was how she interacted with Everson and Adler. She was flexible and “rolled with the punches” that come with kids’ unpredictable antics and whims. However, Genevieve also knew how to get their attention directed at her when she needed to with silly songs and words. We were taking photos right around Halloween, so she had my boys say “witch” instead of “cheese” for the photos and she sang them a fun song about pumpkins. They just LOVED her!

Below you can see the photos, Genevieve captured. Didn’t she do a great job? Genevieve offers a variety of photography sessions and services, so if you live in Michigan be sure to check her out! While she’s located on the east side of the state, she also comes to GR and does sessions here, too! Now, I just need to decide which ones to print for our home. What pictures do you think I should frame from the ones below? I’d love to hear what you think!




(PS if you want some family photo gallery wall inspo, check out this helpful blog post Genevieve wrote. It’s a great resource!)

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