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Modern Batman Boys’ Bedroom Update

Untitled design (21)
Photo credit: Genevieve DeVries Photography

Everson and Adler have been sharing a bedroom for quite awhile now. In our old house, we started having them share a bedroom so that we could make our 3rd bedroom into a guest bedroom/office. Now that we are in our new house and have 4 bedrooms, the boys technically could have their own rooms. However, they really seem to love sharing a bedroom. And Nick has great memories of sharing a room with his younger brother, so we are planning to keep that tradition going.

In fact, since Adler has been escaping from his crib lately, we decided to heap on the transitions and switch the boys to bunk beds here in the new house. Nick’s (AMAZING) parents drove up Thanksgiving weekend to help us move in and they also brought with them the bunk beds that Nick and his brother used when they were growing up. The boys are going on night number 3 in the bunk beds and they are doing great! Hearing Adler say “bunk bed” is about the cutest thing in the world. Almost as cute as when he says, “Oh-tay.”

When we moved from CO to MI back in early 2015, it really seemed to affect Everson. He was having behavioral struggles and we ended up realizing that the move might have been affecting him. He was only 2 at the time and didn’t have the ability to communicate that to us. With this move, I tried to create space for the boys to process how they felt about leaving our old house and moving into our new house. Adler can’t really verbalize much about this, but Everson will say things about missing our old house and we’ve been chatting about it. He loves our new house, too, but I’m glad he can talk through this change since he is so sensitive to transitions.

Besides having open conversations and respecting their feelings about the move, I thought another helpful thing would be to re-decorate their bedroom in our new home to help them feel excited about the new space. Both of our boys are nuts about superhero things, but I personally didn’t want a super comic/cartoon looking room. So with Everson’s help we decided on a (modern) Batman theme.

I put together a mood board to help me design their room. I’m sharing it with you guys below and I’ve added affiliate links to the sources, too.

Batman Bedroom Mood Board-revised

  1. H&M Batman Duvet Set
  2. Gothman City Wall Decal via Amazon
  3. Hobby Lobby Sign
  4. Batman Wall Decal via Amazon
  5. Hobby Lobby Sign
  6. Black & White Wall Clock via Target
  7. Lightning Bolt Table Lamp via Target
  8. Batman Alarm Clock via Amazon
  9. H&M Batman Plate (they have a super cute Batman mug & bowl, too!)

Now for some actual photos of the room’s progress…

The room originally looked like this:

Untitled design (23)
The “before”

I actually dived right into painting the boys’ room. I think I started painting it only two days after we bought the house!

Untitled design (22)
Prepping the room

I’m generally drawn to warmer paint colors, but for the boys’ bedroom I decided to go with cool-toned grays for a more modern feel. I love Behr paint (seriously the mid-grade quality goes on GREAT and is priced so much better than BM or SW)! I picked out “Subtle Touch” for the upper half of the walls and “Cracked Pepper” for the lower half of the walls.

Untitled design (24)

Untitled design (25)
Progress photo
Untitled design (26)
More progress…

Once their modern Batman bedroom is fully complete, I’ll share the “after” photos on here!






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