Ponchos & Wraps from Target for Under $40

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Fall Style Alert: Ponchos & Wraps from Target, all for under $40!

Have you jumped on the poncho train yet? I got my first poncho two winters ago when Adler was still a newborn baby. I loved how “forgiving” the poncho was to my postpartum midsection. Not much has changed in terms of my “postpartum-sized” midsection or my love for ponchos…they both seem to be here to stay for the long haul. <insert the shoulder-shrugging-girl-emoji>

Ponchos are like comfort food in a clothing form. Pair them with leggings and you will get away with wearing a respectable form of pajamas all day long. That’s what I call #outfitgoals, my friends!

I jumped aboard the poncho train a few years ago and I am not ever looking back. Join the (super cozy) fun with me! I was just browsing Target’s website the other night and was super impressed by their poncho and wrap inventory for this fall/winter 2017. The best part? Everything I sourced is under $40! Take a look and let me know what you think.

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Shop my affiliate links below:

1. Tan Open-Front Wrap ($26.99) 2. Wrap Shawl with Fringe ($29.99) 3. Diagonal Striped Poncho ($29.99) 4. Plaid Poncho with Toggle Closure ($39.99) 5. Oversized Grid Poncho ($29.99) 6. Printed Wrap with Fringe ($39.99) 7. Turtleneck Plaid Poncho ($34.99) 8. Green Cowlneck Poncho ($24.99)

Which poncho or wrap is your favorite? I already own a plaid turtleneck poncho I’m in love with (similar to #7), but I’m seriously eyeing that oversized grid poncho (#5).

#Treatyoself, mamas.

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Ponchos &amp; Wraps (2)

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