Menu Plan: Oct 8-14

menu planning
I may be a little late, but here is our menu plan for this week…

I mentioned this last week, but I LOVE using my “What to Eat” magnetic meal planning notepad from Amazon. You can get yours in yellow or blue to make your menu planning easier. Order yours by CLICKING HERE or click the image below.

meal planning padSunday: Ethiopian food! We enjoyed a fun double-date out on Sunday night with my brother and sister-in-law. We had been wanting to try GoJo, a local Ethiopian restaurant, but had not made it there yet. The food was insanely delicious and all four of us were so glad to have finally tried GoJo out. I highly recommend it if you live in Grand Rapids; go support a small business and give GoJo Ethiopian Cuisine a try!ethiopian food - menu planning

Monday: Perfect Instant Ramen from New York TimesThis recipe sounds bizarre (American cheese + Ramen?) and it should not be made if you’re looking for a healthy meal. However, it is cheap, quick and astonishingly delicious. Relive your college Ramen days with this twist on comfort food.

(Taco) Tuesday: This week we are doing steak fajitas with sauteed bell pepper and onion (of course). I’m going to use the Pioneer Woman’s beef fajita marinade, except I’ll leave out the red pepper flakes #becausekids.

Wednesday: Creamy Vegan Linguine with Mushrooms via Good Housekeeping. This is the first time I’ll be making this recipe and it has my interest piqued. The creaminess comes from the use of nutritional yeast. If you have never tried nutritional yeast, it’s a nutty flaky substance that is basically a super food.

*photo via Good Housekeeping

Nutritional yeast reminds me of fish food (in texture/appearance), but it’s actually a really yummy addition to many recipes! I love it sprinkled on popcorn and salads. I know it sounds super strange, but give it a try! You can purchase nutritional yeast from Amazon here – it is LOADED with B vitamins, folic acid and even protein.

Thursday: Brinner (Breakfast for Dinner) – I’m planning to make my friend Bre’s crustless quiche (actually it’s her mom’s recipe) with fruit as the side. I love making an egg bake for dinner and having the leftovers for breakfast the next morning.

Thank you to Bre’s mom for this awesome recipe! I usually double it and bake it in a 9×13 pan, except I don’t double the butter. Here it is:

breakfast for dinner - brinner - crustless quiche recipe

Friday – Sunday: We will be camping this weekend…our last hurrah in #MinnieTheBrave before say good bye to camping until next year. I’m thinking we’ll do Hobo Pies for dinner and cook hot dogs over the fire. Do you have any camping recipes you love?? Please share below! I’d like to add some variety to our camping meal options.

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menu planning - meal prep

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