3 Reasons I Love Mini-Sessions

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Why Do I LOVE Photography Mini-Sessions?

Let me tell you!

I’m still not quite sure why time starts flying at the speed of light once you become a parent (well, except for the colicky newborn stage…that felt like forever to me!), but I just blinked and Everson is approaching 5 years old and Adler will be 2 later this month. What? Why? How?

It’s been two years since we had professional photos taken of our family. The picture above was taken by the lovely, Meg Day Photography, a South West Michigan photographer. We hired Meg to take photos of my entire family as a joint Christmas gift for my parents. They loved this gift and it was the perfect present for my parents who are so hard to find gifts for (they are the “how do you buy a gift for someone who has everything?” kind of people). We also squeezed in a few individual family photos at the very end. Adler was less than one month old there, so I was barely getting any sleep and Adler spit up all over his cute outfit right before the photo was taken, so I had to throw him in something else.

Clearly, we are way overdue for some updated family photos, so when the opportunity to collaborate with Genevieve DeVries Photography came up I was thrilled! I met Genevieve through my dear friend Katie (they are sister-in-laws) and I was always a bit envious of Katie’s gorgeous family photos (a few are below in the slide show – be still my heart!), taken by Genevieve. Genevieve is an award-winning lifestyle, family and portrait photographer based out of metro Detroit. Luckily, she makes her way to Grand Rapids frequently enough to do photo sessions for those of us in West Michigan, too.

She is offering a few mini-session options in the Detroit area coming up in November and Genevieve will also be doing a mini-session in Grand Rapids coming up on October 28th! If you’ve never done a mini-session before, I wanted to share 3 reasons I love opting for a mini-session over a traditional family photo session.Mini Session Details.jpg

3 Reasons I Love Mini-Sessions:

1 – They are quick!

Mini-sessions (as their name indicates) take a lot less time than traditional photography sessions. With our busy schedules, a mini-session is easy to fit into any couple or family’s schedule. If you’re trying to get photos of little kids, then mini-sessions are SO nice. It’s pretty doable to keep your kids smiling and out of the dirt for only 15 minutes!

2 – They cost less money!

Our family is on a budget and that doesn’t leave a lot of room for photography expenses. However, doing a mini-session once a year is doable for many couples and families! Yes, you get less time and fewer photos, but that is reflected in a less expensive price tag. Plus, I think getting fewer photos is actually an advantage (see #3 below).

3 – There is no decision fatigue!

If you’ve been married for longer than a year, then consider how many photos are in your home from your wedding? How many photos do you have you displayed from your baby’s newborn session? When you’re getting updated family portraits, you honestly do not need piles of photos to choose from. That can be pretty overwhelming to sort through actually. You get the 10 best images from Genevieve’s mini-sessions. All 10 photos will be awesome, so you can easily decide between those images to determine which ones to print (or use for a Christmas card!).

Flip through the slide show below to see more of Genevieve’s gorgeous work…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And if you want to book a mini-session with Genevieve, mention “The Honest Mom” and you will receive 1 FREE professional Fuji 8×10 print and 8 wallets (Hello, snail mail to Grandpa & Grandma!). Genevieve’s contact information is below, email her today to book your session and make sure to share your gorgeous family photos with me. I’d love to see them!


Genevieve DeVries, award-winning lifestyle, family & portrait photographer:genevievedevries




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