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Have you heard everyone raving about capsule wardrobes?

I’ll admit the whole capsule wardrobe concept was only introduced to me about a year or so ago. When I heard about capsule wardrobes the focus on minimalism and functionality really spoke to me. We live in a nearly 100 year old home and our closets are super tiny, so I knew a minimal wardrobe would be helpful for me.

What is a capsule wardrobe?

capsule wardrobe (1)

If you are new to this idea, a capsule wardrobe is a pretty simple concept. Pinch of Yum blog defines it as, “Capsule wardrobe is just a trendy-cool name for a small collection of useful clothing that you love that changes with each season.”

Some people restrict their capsule wardrobe to a certain total number of pieces – for Caroline Rector of Un-fancy its 37 pieces and for Project 33, befitting its name, she keeps her capsules to 33 total pieces.  This blog post is not actually a “how to start your own capsule wardrobe,” but if you want to read some articles on that I’ll link some good resources for you to check out at the bottom of this page.

This fall I attempted to create a capsule wardrobe for my boys for the first time. I have enjoyed the benefits of (loosely) keeping a capsule wardrobe for myself. The top 3 benefits have been:

  1. Spending less money
  2. Less clutter
  3. Saving time/simplifying the outfit decision-making process.

It’s worked well for me, so I figured why not try this out for my boys?

fall wardrobe capsule images (10)

First, I went through alllll of their clothing and sorted out anything that was either out of season or something they had outgrown. Then, I made a list of the items they needed going into the fall season.

To save money, I started looking for things at local consignment stores. I’ve had the most success at Once Upon a Child. Then, I did most of the rest of my shopping via Target and Amazon. We’ve been using their new (to us) wardrobes for several weeks now and I’ve really been enjoying it!

It’s so much easier to dress them in cute outfits when I love everything in their drawers. Plus, when E wants to help pick out his outfits, they actually look good on him (peace out old ratty, stained Batman shirt)! Keep reading for the details on both of their fall capsule wardrobes below…

fall wardrobe capsule images (8)

Everson’s capsule wardrobe consists of about 20ish pieces of intentionally selected clothing, accessories and shoes. Full disclosure: There are also some extra things in his drawers beyond this “capsule,” but the process of making this functional clothing collection really helped us cut down on the clutter. Like I said, this process helps you purge old clothing that is stained, ill-fitting or things your kids simply never wore. And it is FABULOUS!

Everson's Fall Capsule Wardrobe

Below you can find the details for Evs’ fall clothing and links to the clothing items (or similar pieces).


  • 4 – Short sleeve t-shirts
    • 3 solid color v-neck tees (similar here).
    • 1 graphic tee (Detroit Tigers shirt – similar here).
  • 4 – Long-sleeve, button-down shirts
      • Gap Plaid Oxford button-up (purchased from Once Upon a Child, find similar here, here or here).
      • Tea Denim button-up (similar here and here).
      • Cat & Jack by Target striped oxford button-up (I can’t find this on anymore – boo! But find something similar here).
      • OshKosh gray, collared button-down shirt with faux leather trim from Target here.
  • 1 – Sweatshirt (similar here and here).
  • 1 – Vest (we got this OshKosh vest from Target)
  • 1 – Hat (we bought this one from Target)
  • 2 – Pairs of shoes (We bought him new tennis shoes and some nice/functional Sperry shoes).fall wardrobe capsule images (5)


  • 2 – Pair of jeans (similar here and here).
  • 1 – Pair of khakis (similar here, here and here).
  • 1 – Pair of soft navy pants (similar here and here).fall wardrobe capsule images (7)


  • 1 – Hat (we bought this one from Target)fall wardrobe capsule images
  • 2 – Pairs of shoes
    • Sperry Ollie sneakers here.
    • Saucony shoes here.

Now, on to Adler’s fall capsule wardrobe…

Adler's Fall Capsule Wardrobe

Thankfully, we have quite a few hand-me-downs from Everson to Adler that will work this fall, including my favorite navy blue puffer vest from Gap that still has a lot of life left in it.

Here is what I put together for Adler’s fall capsule wardrobe:

fall wardrobe capsule images (6)


  • 3 – Long-sleeve, button-downs
    • Denim button-down (similar here and here).
    • 2 Plaid button-downs (similar here, here and here).
    • OshKosh button-down gray shirt with faux leather trim from Target here.
  • 3 – Henleys (similar here).
  • 3 – Sweatshirts
    • 1 hooded sweatshirt (similar here).
    • 2 crew neck sweatshirts (similar here and here).


  • 1 – Overalls (similar here and here).
  • 4 – Pairs of Pants
    • Khakis (similar here).
    • Camo pants (similar here).
    • Light gray jeans (similar here).
    • Fitted, stretchy dark jeans (similar here).5N3A3393


  • Cute, functional chambray velcro Toms shoes (get them here).fall wardrobe capsule images (9)

Thanks for letting me share about my boys’ fall capsule wardrobes. I hope it gave you a bit of inspiration for trying a capsule wardrobe out for yourself and/or your kids. If you have any questions or additional ideas for maintaining a minimalist wardrobe, I’d love to hear them!

Resources on how to start a capsule wardrobe for yourself:

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  1. I love that you included the actual pieces that you used. We just got a bunch of hand-me-downs for J, and I’m inspired to do this for him too.


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