Let’s begin…

I’ve been writing for as long as I can remember. Originally, I wrote down my thoughts in a top secret, pink diary that I had expertly bedazzled with plastic jewels.

I kept it locked up in my toy box, so my older brothers wouldn’t be able to find it and read about my friend drama and how hard I was crushing on two boys in my elementary school. (Yes, I wrote two boys…I was a total elementary school player.)

By middle school, I had a Myspace account and I “blogged” on my Xanga Site. I spent hours every night chatting it up on AIM with our dial-up internet with my ridiculous username @superrockinpeg. (It was 2002, okay?)

Untitled design
Photo credit: @kaboompics

Looking back, it makes sense that I’ve ended up here…writing and building a community over the world wide web. I’ve been working for various brands in marketing and communications over the past several years, but it only recently occurred to me that I could create a space that’s my very own. So that’s what I’m setting out to do!

The Honest Mom blog is a place where I will share my experiences as a mom (and a wife). I hope this space is a source of encouragement for you and a reminder that you’re not going through any of this alone.

I believe friendship and community in motherhood is essential and I look forward to fostering genuine connections through this blog. To learn more about me, head to the about page. And, if you want to achieve #superfan status…subscribe to my email list and connect with me on instagram.



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